Global Banking group


SCC Document Services is enabling businesses to create significant efficiency gains by speeding up internal processes and scaling up operations to deliver a better customer experience through its Document Production Unit (DPU).

Services and solutions available through SCC Document Services’ DPU support business continuity plans by promoting new ways of working and reducing the time spent on administrative processes.

SCC is working with one of the world’s biggest banking groups to improve efficiency and save costs on manual administration through the DPU’s inbound document service, receiving hardcopy finance agreements, scanning and indexing on the client system.

As part of the secure process, pertinent information is extracted both digitally and manually using SCC Document Services’ team of dedicated document specialists, using a two-stage verification process on all information rekeyed from the original documents, which are kept on-site and filed in the event of a legal challenge.

As a result, the banking group has reduced time from signature to transition by four days whilst scaling input by 400%, significantly improving both the internal process and customer experience. The cost of manual administration has reduced by 65% by automating data extraction. SCC’s secure data handling, including the storage of confidential material, is GDPR compliant, removing concerns around data security.

The DPU has supported customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, with SCC’s dedicated team of specialists on hand to tailor services and adapt quickly to changing conditions throughout the UK’s lockdown period.