SCC and Saint Bede’s College

Helping support excellence and drive innovation

Founded in 1876, St Bede’s College is a Catholic HMC Independent School for boys and girls aged 3-18. The school is a leading provider within the education sector and is passionate about providing an education where every pupil is known and valued in a family environment.

SCC Document Services (SCC DS) have been providing Managed Print Services to the College for over 17 years, with the contract successfully renewed on a number of occasions. The service has evolved over the years to meet the college’s ongoing requirements for service excellence, security and efficiency.

The Challenge

Service improvement was the College’s key priority. They required a single company to supply, support and manage a secure, flexible and dependable print solution. Prior to SCC, St Bede’s College had a mixed fleet comprising of an extensive range of makes and models. There was no control over the cost of consumables, reliability was poor and they lacked visibility to see how well their devices were working for them.

St Bede’s College staff were unnecessarily burdened with print related tasks. The customer was finding that their legacy print estate was not intuitive or innovative enough for their growing needs. The print technology was cumbersome and in some cases, nearing end of life. As a result, the print service offered a poor user experience, with multiple, difficult to access systems, causing unnecessary confusion.

Additionally, the existing print infrastructure was also limited and offered no security protection, a particular risk given the volume of personal information that the College manages on a daily basis.

The Solution

SCC DS understood the challenges the customers faced and introduced a fully managed print service, supporting all printer fleet equipment across the estate and a central managed print room.

SCC DS recognised that the print technology needed to be upgraded and more robust security processes had to be put in place. As a result, we upgraded the equipment and implemented a Print Management Software that improved print security and cost visibility. Offering a wide variety of user authentication techniques, the software creates an audit trail so you can see who printed what document, at what time and on which device. The Print Management software, also creates a unified view of print, copy and scan activity for all devices on the network, this improved visibility helps to inform cost saving initiatives, such as deploying rules for colour output.

The solution implemented allows the customer the control, convenience and choice necessary to manage printing effectively in today’s ever-changing user and IT landscape, ensuring the maximum print cost savings and security, while minimising print infrastructure costs.



The College now benefit from a number of operational and financial benefits including:

  • Print Management Solution fully managed by SCC – SCC are responsible for all elements of the print solution and provide ongoing account management support
  • Enhanced user experience– By implementing a Print Management software, the College benefitted from a single user platform that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Reduced print burden on both users and IT resource– SCC are able to remotely monitor devices and provide support, reducing the burden placed on customer employees.
  • Improved document security and GDPR compliance– All devices require secure authentication to release prints, greatly improving document security.
  • Increased cost transparency and service visibility– SCC are able to provide granular MI, allowing logical and tactical decisions around the replacement cycles and where devices need to be sited within the organisation.
  • Innovation– Continued innovation of the service and future cost saving initiatives

Future of the Service


St Bede’s College, like all businesses have seen an exponential increase in the level of data and documents that they hold. This increase presents challenge with how legacy data and document archives are managed. The cost of document storage is high, documents are cumbersome and costly to access, and retention policies difficult to maintain. SCC can remove these challenges through scan to archive projects and scan to workflow solutions, integrating digitised documentation into customer systems.

Through the SCC UVu solution, we are also able to provide a content services platform that delivers a single, consolidated unified view of business processes, allowing St Bede’s to manage information and improve compliance across all of their systems. This technology enables organisations to manage content, documents, data and back-office processes through a dedicated, cloud-based ecosystem, regardless of whether information resides within the UVu platform or third-party systems and repositories.


« St Bede’s College have a long history of working with SCC Document Services that spans over 17 years. The length of this relationship is testament to SCC’s commitment to innovate and continually provide a customer orientated service.

At St Bede’s College we pride ourselves on delivering a first class academic, social and moral education in a warm ‘one of a kind’ environment. SCC understand what we are trying to achieve and we can count on them to deliver projects that match our strategy and long-term vision.

SCC have significantly enhanced our document infrastructure and we are exploring a number of ways in which they can continue to support of digital working strategies. We look forward to continuing to adopt further innovations that will support both our staff and our pupils. »

Lyn Quinn Matthews, Bursar, Saint Bede’s College