Contract specialist case study

SCC creates efficiencies and cost savings worth £100k per year for online contract writing specialist

SCC Document Services helps businesses scale up their operation whilst saving money using its Document Production Unit (DPU), supporting periods of growth and enabling businesses to focus on strategic development whilst the most expensive and time-consuming day-to-day tasks are taken care of.

SCC Document Services offers a range of services and solutions that also support business continuity plans by harnessing new ways of working and futureproofing your business.

One of the UK’s leading online contract writing specialists uses SCC Document Services’ DPU to produce, pack and distribute final contract copies for signature, with the ability to scale volume from anywhere between 1,000-5,000 contracts per month, depending on ever changing demand.

Each item must be electronically verified before being sent for signature – a laborious and inefficient task with the requirement for strict online security. With the process outsourced to SCC Document Services, the DPU ensures verification and efficient production using its secure online portal to upload documents, delivering automated print ready production.

As a result, the business has seen a reduction in expenditure of over 75% against its previous model, equating to more than £100k per annum. The DPU’s scalable solution enables the business to predict costs and respond to changing demand, with the ability to cope with spikes and run successful marketing initiatives. The solution is fully secure, ensuring all data handling and verification processes are compliant with GDPR.

The DPU has supported customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, with SCC’s dedicated team of specialists on hand to tailor services and adapt quickly to changing conditions throughout the UK’s lockdown period.