Digital Workflow for a Legal Firm



« From a successful operational transfer at the start of the contract, SCC Document Services have consistently delivered an excellent service to us. They have also been proactive in assisting us with the delivery of our strategic document management objectives, providing innovation to support the development of the service »

Director of Facilities, Leading London Based Law Firm

The Challenge

A leading London based law firm, with offices in Bristol, Hong Kong and Singapore, sought to outsource their print room, and incorporate a digital workflow solution. There were a number of objectives for the project:

  • Reduce the reliance on paper and promote digital working methods, by moving away from traditional print-based documents towards a digital workflow solution and e-Discovery technology.
  • Remove the burden and imminent capital expenditure required for the client in managing their print room directly.
  • To migrate towards a more scalable solution, to address peak workloads.
  • Reduce office space and move towards a paperless office.

The Solution

The client worked with SCC Document Services to support their strategic objective of adopting digital workflow technologies for their document processes. They also wanted to partner with an experienced Facilities Management company for advice.

SCC Document Services introduced a phased implementation at the firm, to remove the need for printing in their offices. This restructure involved the TUPE transfer of staff to SCC Document Services, the introduction of a Legal Documents Manager and the development of an on-site/off-site operational model, where only essential work with a quick turnaround time remained on-site. There was also investment in new equipment to improve workflows on-site.

Approaching the project in phases allowed the client to manage cultural change across their workforce in parallel. There were two key workstreams for the solution infrastructure: digital workflow and litigation support services.

The Legal Documents Manager has helped the firm to proceed with digitising documents and implementing digital workflows. Having a focal point to ensure that best practice is adhered to and efficiencies are maximised has been key to the success of the project, and allows the firm to administer its own current and future requirements, embracing new technologies and processes.

The Legal Documents Manager also supports legal staff and oversees all reprographics and electronic document management. The role acts as a triage to determine the best format for each document, determining whether they are more suited to traditional or digital production. This is a multi-disciplined role that offers advice on a broad range of services including disclosure requirements and options, both practical and strategic.

This kind of move towards digital working is a first in the legal sector, and reflects our commitment to innovation.


  • Greater visibility and understanding of electronic versus paper document methodology for litigation management has resulted in an increased usage of intelligent document solutions e.g. document databases.
  • Removal of the management burden of running the print room, allowing the firm to focus on core activities.
  • Improved management of print has led to better and more proactive management of costs.
  • Education of fee-earners in best practice for electronic versus hard copy documentation.
  • Removal of capital expenditure requirements.
  • The return of office space to the client, through the reduction of the print room area.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • SCC Document Services has provided broader advice about technology and marketing due to our experience.