Our approach focuses on developing these traditional operations in to a critical support service.

This enables an organisation’s fee-earners to be more productive, and the solution underpins the introduction and ongoing management of key strategies, such as migration to digital workflows, work-winning improvements, and brand management.

Your challenges

‘Old style’ Print Rooms, managed through traditional methods can be inefficient and costly, and therefore struggle to deliver value. They can also have a detrimental impact where time critical documents need to be produced.

As many traditional Print Rooms mainly focus on delivery, they do not consider process improvement, or the introduction of technology. In document rich environments, an inefficient Print Room facility can be a serious inhibitor to making progress.

Solution features

  • We’re experts in delivering the initial TUPE transfer of any existing team to SCC Document Services.
  • Delivers improvements through technology and process changes, implementing an SLA driven operation focused on supporting business objectives.
  • Delivery model can be on-site, near-site location or a combination of both.
  • The solution supports the migration towards digital working, integrating data inputs with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Our commercial models remove cost from balance sheets, and provide savings.
  • Delivers flexibility for peak periods.

Business Benefits


  • Business strategy: An effective Print Room can be a key delivery function for core business strategies.
  • Digitisation: Supports business move to digital workflows.
  • Work-winning: Improves client facing document quality.
  • Flexibility: Contractual and commercial agreements provide flexibility.
  • Finance: Removes cap-ex requirement and costs from balance sheet.
  • Scalable: Flexible to meet demand.
  • Office space: Can free up office space through the use of SCC’s near-site hubs.
  • Cost Savings: Print cost savings through greater asset utilization.
  • Compliance & Security: Greatly improves data compliance/GDPR and security.

Why partner with SCC Document Services?


SCC Document Services is where print, IT & document-related digitisation converge.

By bringing people, process and technology together, we first give you control over how you store, share and secure information in all its formats.

Then we help you to capitalise on this new found control. Delivering dynamic, technology enabled environments that create stand-out customer and employee experiences. Extracting the data you need to understand and optimise these user interactions.

Ultimately, we turn today’s document challenges into digitalisation opportunities that shape and support future workforces with smarter, sharper decision-making power.

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