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Veritas & SCC

As a Veritas Certified Platinum Partner, we have been recognised for our expertise and contribution to developing and deploying Veritas based solutions.

Our track record in meeting the needs of our customers in deploying a wide range of Veritas technologies across the solutions portfolio provides our customers with the confidence to embark on business critical projects.

At SCC we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive end-to-end Veritas experience for our customers to which we are able to through our capability to deliver licensing and professional services. We are currently one of Veritas leading partners in the UK and as key partners have one of the highest numbers of Expert accreditations which we continue to grow.



Accreditations in Veritas technology by SCC


of Veritas based solution revenue each year

related services

Veritas NetBackup

SCC Managed Service trusts Veritas NetBackup to backup all its Managed Services customers

Veritas based solutions

SCC Professional Services trained to size, scope and deliver Veritas based solutions



« For over 20 years Veritas and SCC have worked closely together delivering data management solutions to its customers. The relationship is based on a willingness from both parties to invest in each other’s core skills to drive successful outcomes in the market. As both organisations evolve to take advantage of the ‘Cloud era’ Veritas believes SCC will remain a strong partner for many more years to come and looks forward to growing it’s revenue and customer base across Europe further with them. »

Mark Nutt, Veritas Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales