SCC is a RSA Platinum Partner and have worked in partnership with them for over ten years.

Our level of accreditation is testament to the success of SCC’s RSA expertise and continued investment in supporting our solutions.



Year Relationship with RSA.

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Consultancy-led Approach

SCC has a consultancy-led approach when it comes to security. We have built a best of breed threat assessment capability to allow you to gain better visibility into real world threats and work with us to take action accordingly to minimise the risk to your business.

Digital Transformation

RSA’s core commitment to their customers is to aide their digital transformation journey by securing data, operational processes and reducing risk. Whether this is by providing detection and response to threats or giving visibility into potential fraud, SCC and RSA work together to give organisations the freedom to grow without having to worry about the risks that follow.

Alignment with Security Transformation Vendors

SCC has a good alignment with complimentary security transformation vendors, giving us an end to end lifecycle approach to cyber security.