Palo Alto


Palo Alto Networks & SCC

SCC is a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Innovator Partner following heavy investment in our sales, technical presales and delivery capabilities.

SCC can supply and support Palo Alto Network’s entire platform from endpoint to cloud and everything in between.



Technical Presales engineers certified up to PSE: Platform Associate


Technical delivery engineers certified up to ACE

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Security Lifecycle Review

Capable of running Palo Alto Network’s Security Lifecycle Review as part of our Threat Assessment program.

Multiple Verticals

Strong heritage in securing customer networks across multiple verticals.

Demo Capabilities

Palo Alto Networks have a strong relationship with SCC’s Networking and Security Professional Services team. As part of Palo Alto’s partner program SCC must maintain a certain number of technical certifications and have demo capabilities.

Consultancy and Design

SCC boasts skills from consultancy through to design and implementation to help organisations meet their security infrastructure strategy.

Threat Assessment Capability

A consultancy-led approach has allowed SCC to build a best of breed threat assessment capability to allow you to gain better visibility into real world threats and work with us to take action accordingly.