SCC UVu is a content services platform that delivers a single, consolidated unified view of business processes, allows you to manage information and improve compliance across all of your systems.

It empowers organisations to manage content, documents, data and back-office processes through a dedicated, cloud-based ecosystem, regardless of whether information resides within the UVu platform or third-party systems and repositories.

Ultimately, UVu allows organisations to address the challenges they face as a result of disorganised and inaccessible data, and does this without disrupting your existing processes, systems or users. SCC UVu is modular, delivered via our robust and secure cloud services, and evolves with your ever-changing business requirements across multiple departments.

Your challenges

The rapidly changing nature of data, has led to it becoming disorganised and inaccessible in many instances. This impacts the process, productivity and compliance aspects of any organisation.

Many businesses now also need to rapidly transform and deliver a cloud-first strategy, which in turn facilitates the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. A key consideration as part of this, is being able to ensure that any information or document can be worked on collaboratively and securely.

There’s also a broad trend to move away from manual, inefficient processes, and a growing requirement to work in a less siloed manner.

Solution features

  • Consultancy audit: Defines the business case and ROI.
  • Holistic approach: Incorporates a wide range of repositories, infrastructure challenges and administrative processes.
  • Cloud hosted managed infrastructure: Web-based access from anywhere, anytime and includes OS, security and scaling.
  • Multiple platforms: Information can be found, edited, shared and organised directly from a range of solutions including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Outlook, Salesforce, Google G Suite, or any Windows application.
  • Scalability: Pay for what you use: A subscription, consumption-based model.

Business Benefits


  • Availability: Around the clock, remote access to critical information, improving efficiency and user experience.
  • Secure: Cloud solutions offer robust security measures for accessing data.
  • Minimised risk: Improves governance of information and documents.
  • Fast implementation: Deployed quickly, and without disruption via a multitude of “out of the box” connectors.
  • Enables transformation: Supports a digital-first business strategy.
  • High ROI and cost reduction: Speeds up manual and time consuming tasks.
  • Hassle free: Always have the latest version, removing unnecessary cost and time consuming upgrades.
  • Cost control: All costs are visible, so you avoid nasty surprises.

Why partner with SCC Document Services?


SCC Document Services is where print, IT & document-related digitisation converge.

By bringing people, process and technology together, we first give you control over how you store, share and secure information in all its formats.

Then we help you to capitalise on this new found control. Delivering dynamic, technology enabled environments that create stand-out customer and employee experiences. Extracting the data you need to understand and optimise these user interactions.

Ultimately, we turn today’s document challenges into digitalisation opportunities that shape and support future workforces with smarter, sharper decision-making power.

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