Giving you the flexibility your business needs.

Many organisations are under increasing pressure to look for ways to save costs and implement a more flexible business model to remain operational and competitive. With the continuation of new hybrid working practices, no business can afford to waste time and capital with a redundant printer fleet on-site or overpay for services with rigid payment structures.

Right-sizing your Print, Scan, and Document Technology with flexible, on-demand services from SCC Document Services affords you that freedom of choice. It gives you the flexibility your business needs by lowering your financial risk while modernising your business operations.

Why flexibility is key to longevity

SCC Document Services puts you back in control and de-risks the uncertainty of upgrading any of your Print, Scanning, and Document Management technology in the current unpredictable climate. That means avoiding lengthy fixed contracts and providing you a more flexible alternative that suits your business needs.

For example, you want the flexibility to return some of your equipment and software licences early? No problem. With our flexible services, you can, and you need not worry if you have over-specified or upgraded too quickly.

We can offer you the flexibility your business needs

Need to flex your finances? We give you a choice of lease and subscription terms with penalty-free early return of equipment and licences.

Need to support your remote workforce? We can digitise your manual workflows with improved systems and processes. Your business is unique. Our flexible solutions can give you the upper hand when looking to reduce overheads, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Find out more about our flexible business solutions

UVu – Content Services and Workflow Automation Platform

SCC UVu is a content services platform that delivers a single, consolidated unified view of business processes, allowing you to manage information and improve compliance across all of your systems.

It empowers organisations to manage all content, documents, data, and back-office processes through a dedicated, cloud-based ecosystem.

Scanning and Archiving

The cost of document storage is high, documents are cumbersome and costly to access, and retention policies difficult to maintain. Further legacy paper processes prove costly when integrated into digital systems, lack accuracy, and struggle with compliance (GDPR).

SCC can remove these challenges through scan to archive projects, and also scan to workflow solutions, integrating digitised documentation into customer systems.

Document Production Unit

Through its centralised shared document services centre, the Document Production Unit (DPU), SCC has extensive experience in delivering document management solutions for a wide range of customers.

Specialising in off-site Inbound Digital Post, Hybrid Outbound Mail, bulk Scanning, and Reprographics, the DPU can either support all document requirements fully through its secure and well invested off-site location or act as an overflow to existing document operations within customer offices.

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Right-size your print, scan and document technology with flexible, on-demand services.




Key Benefits

Rebalance Finances

Rebalance Finances

Lower total capital expenditure with a blend of lease and subscription terms on your printers and software

Latest Digital Printers

Latest Technology

Lower operating costs and improve efficiency with the latest Print, Scan, and Document management technology

Support Remote Working

Support Remote Working

Boost connectivity and collaboration across the employee base

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